Teacher Tech Tools #1: Participate.com

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Update (April 2017):  Since this original post appoLearning has been changed to Participate.com.

The resources as posted are still available but they have expanded their offerings – one of my favorites is their Twitter Chat interface which is clean and easy to navigate.  They also offer a calendar of Twitter Chats along with links.

Have you had an incredible YouTube video, blog article, a “freebie” pdf,  cross your screen only to find that when it came time to use it you could not find it?  Is it in your Google Drive, a bookmark, on your computer, on the server …

Are you interested in transforming this  digital argh#!$@*  to digital ahh!  Take a few moments and explore appoLearning.

Brad Spirrson, Vice President of Content/Managing Editor describes their product as a ” platform for teachers to discover, collect and share apps, digital tools…”

appoLearning has given me an elegant way to organize my teaching, digital and tech ed life.  I describe appoLearning as a Pinterest on steroids!

Possible uses for appoLearning:

  • Lesson Planning:  Based on months, themes, create Collections with materials needed (video from internet, documents needed from my Google Drive, articles from blogs, links to Discovery Streaming, clipart, etc.)
  •  Tech Ed PD:  Create a Collection with resources needed for each PD.  When teachers need these resources  merely refer them to that Collection.
  • Committe Work: Are you on a committee at school?  I am part of the PBIS and Character Ed team.  When I find articles, resources, videos that will support this work, I create a Collection.. now when I am in the meeting and I want to share, I merely pull up my Collection and voila!
  • Speaking Engagements:  Create a collection for easy access to research and reference material, presentations and handouts.
  • PLC Work: Organize work and resources used for PLC work – create a Collection for quick and easy access.
  • Exploration: There is so many ideas and technology  to explore.  Rather than search through boards that I have pinned or blogs I have bookmarked, create a Collection and have peace of mind knowing it is there when you are ready for it.
  • Teacher Evaluation: Create a collection to organize, store evidence and resources needed for our teacher evaluation process.  As I create or use a document, picture, link, lesson plan, assessment, I simple drop it in my Collection and when the time comes to meet with my adminstrator everything is there.

appoLearning helps me to work efficiently and effectively as I avoid searching for videos, scanning files in my Google Drive or, digging through the thousands of pin’s I have collected over the years.

Go to: appoLearning.com and start saving time by organizing your digital life!

Other resources:

appoLearning search  Cathy Hink to see my Collections and type of resources

appoLearning YouTube

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