Creating something new/innovative

When I began my blogging adventure  (circa August 2015) I was one year into my 1:1 iPad journey.  At the time my focus was on “apps” driving innovation as if technology was synonymous with innovation.  Hence the previous title of this blog was “Apps in Action”.

Through exploring numerous blog posts, Twitter Chats, Google + Communities and virtual mentors like George Couros (The Innovators Mindset), Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook), A.J. Juliana (Learning by Choice, Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom, Launch) and Dave Burgess (Teach Like a Pirate)  I have discovered that innovation is Creativity Realized.  

My instructional pedagogy has also evolved.  As a new teacher I thought I taught content  (Reading, Writing….), later I redefined my role as someone who taught children not content, now I believe that I teach content so to young learners who, in turn apply their knowledge and skill to be problem finders (thank you Ewan McIntosh)  then my role shifts to being an educator/coach who encourages and guides young creators to explore, discover and create.

The  “new beginning” of this blog will be a collection of ways we (my class and other primary classes) move towards Creativity Realized using the cycle of Explore, Discover and Create.  I invite you to come along on this edventure by sharing your thoughts and questions.  Together we are stronger and make bigger ripples..heck, let’s aim big and make some waves!

explore discover create

2 thoughts on “Creating something new/innovative

    1. Thanks June for your words of encourgement. I have been wrestling for a couple of years. To blog or not to blog. I have been inspired by some course work in a course I am taking (actually not much of a trail blazer at all). The course is called Innovative Academy I am learning to blog (month of April) and Genius Hour with the likes of George Couros (author of The Innovators Mindset) and Matt Miller (author of Ditch That Textbook) and A.J. Juliani (Launch, the 20% Genius Project), not to mention a TON of leaders in districts and around the world (intimidating for this Kindergarten Teacher). Attempting to move past my fear and doubt and just “jumpin’ in”.


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