What if…

What if we gifted our students with more opportunities for sharing their voices and making their own choices in learning?  If we truly want to transfer responsibility of learning to the students, shouldn’t their voices and actions be the buzz and hum of the classroom?

Two years ago I was presented with a simple invitation; “Write a grant on how you would use technology in innovative ways”.   I suspected that iPads and apps would empower my young learners with tools to set their imaginations free and be a vehicle to share their thinking in unique and creative ways and so I wrote a grant, was awarded a set class of iPads and learned that … I was right!

I am now fortunate to teach in a 1:1 Kindergarten class full of wonder, laughter, learning, discovery, collaboration and creativity.  I have noticed that instead of children asking me, “How do I…?”, I hear “Ms. Hink, did you know that…!”  I do less talking and more asking questions and listening to these tiny scholars share their ideas and ponder what is next in the journey of life and learning.

Trying to capture a child’s pure joy and excitment when they build  a multi-media story and post it on the internet to share with family and friends or to see it play on the “big screen”; or learn to code, or work collaboratively on a project using a mirroring whiteboard app, or create their own YouTube to teach the world how to spell “because”   at 5-6 years old, is beyond what I can put into words.  To have parents write and explain that they feel part of child’s learning even though they cannot make it into volunteer, is a 15 year goal fulfilled. It has been a privilege to be part of this adventure and the ultimate “transformative” teaching experience.

This blog is dedicated to sharing innovative practices, apps and ideas that empower children, parents, teachers and adminstrators  to be problem finders/problem solvers who move above and beyond the four walls of the classroom to be world learners and leaders.

Thanks for stopping by and joining us on this adventure.  You are invited and encouraged to join in on conversations and share your experiences as together we transcend the traditional and soar into this next chapter in education.

Cathy (August 2015)

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